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Shirdi is known as the former home of spiritual leader Sai Baba and a major pilgrimage site. Close by are many locations which are the main tourist attraction. More than lakhs of devotees gather daily at the Sai Baba Temple. Many visitors come from many different places from around the world. Pune and Mumbai are two major metropolitan areas which are about 2 to 3 hrs away from Shirdi. These are the places which have all the international and national airports with flights landing from many different places and country. Pune to Shirdi is the easiest way and takes around 3 to 4 hours. You can reach Pune as it has all major trains, buses and flights coming from different places.

Along the way from Pune to Shirdi, there are many different places which you can visit. It’s a pretty good highway with many different places along the way. There are good eateries, some religious places which can be visited along the way. Pune to Shirdi is a good highway and with our expert drivers, the journey becomes more comfortable.

Pune to Shirdi Cab Service

There are many different ways to reach Shirdi.

By Bus

To Reach Shirdi from Pune

Shirdi is around 220km from Pune Railway Station and Pune Airport one path and there numerous private travel service providers who give services to Shirdi by Private Car and Private hold bus.

There are numerous transports associating Shirdi to urban areas, for example, Mumbai (250 Km), Hyderabad, Pune, Nasik (80 Km), Bangalore. There are inexhaustible, exceptionally advantageous transport bundles from Hyderabad. The street network among Mumbai and Shirdi is great, aside from in specific stretches. Advantageous medium-term transports likewise utilize this course. Mumbai to Shirdi takes around 4 hours. It takes around 5 hours to make a trip from Pune to Shirdi through transport. It takes around 20 hours from Bangalore. There are many transport administrators from Bangalore.

By Train

Shirdi has a new railroad station at Sainagar, other Railway stations are Manmad-Junction (60 Kms), Kopargaon(22 Kms) and Nagarsul (50 Kms) on the Central Railway.

Train Station

Sainagar Shirdi (SNSI), Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station
•Name: Sainagar Shirdi
•Code: SNSI
•City: Sainagar Shirdi
•More Sainagar Shirdi stations: Sainagar Shirdi

By Air

The nearest airport to Shirdi is Pune. Pune Airport is connected to all major cities around India. Travel time by road from Pune Airport is around 3 to 4 hours by private taxi. Flights flew down from many different places to Pune. Pune airport is very much connected with all other major international airports from around the world.

By Taxi or Cab

Cabs and Taxi are the best possible, convenient and the fastest means of transportation. You can also visit different places while you travel down to Shirdi from Pune or any other location.

Pune to Shirdi Shared Cab

There are shared options which are available from Pune to Shirdi – Pune to Shirdi Shared Cab, Pune to Shirdi Shared Taxi, Pune Airport to Shirdi Shared Cab, Pune Airport to Shirdi Shared Taxi. These services are available at a much affordable pricing. Compared to private cabs, shared cabs are much more reliable and affordable.

Pune to Shirdi Package

If you’re planning to move around or have a short tour to different places around Shirdi its always recommended to book a tour package which includes many different places in and around Shirdi. We not only pick u up and drop you back to the airport, our package includes different tourist destination at a much affordable pricing.

Shirdi Cab Service offers the best Cabs from Shirdi to Pune airport cab. We provide many tour packages which suit your needs. We offer car hire in Shirdi and our service also includes Shirdi to Pune Airport Cab.

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