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As far back as the feasting corridor or the prasadalaya was worked in 2009, the place has been serving more than 40,000 lovers every day. On the off chance that you pondered where this kitchen is found at that point how about we enable you to absorb the wonder of being an Indian, once more.

The Saibaba temple in Shirdi stands tall in its finesse of being the heavenly place. It’s Prasada of Shri Saibaba. Kindly don’t squander it and the tables being involved at the drop of a cap and the hot feast being served to the lovers, this is a view that merits being a section off.

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The 11,550 sqmt dining corridor in the sanctuary premises has begun serving free suppers to enthusiasts since January 1. Prior there was an ostensible charge of Rs 10. This has brought the temple the tag of being the Asia’s biggest kitchen giving free food to all, rather than Asia’s biggest sunlight based vitality driven kitchen said a TOI news.

A year ago, this sacred place won the Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) and Solar Cooker Excellence Award from the service of non-traditional vitality sources. The sanctuary houses 73 sun based dishes that create 2,800 kg of steam regularly said the report.

In 2001, the premises respected its first nearby planetary group which could cook sustenance for 3,000 individuals. Inferable from this achievement, the arrangement was extended. The high temp water directed in can cook 2000kg of daal and rice and can clean all the utilized sleek vessels. There are manual aides too who work in movements. The kitchen additionally enables the nearby ranchers by purchasing new veggies from them inferable from an interest of 2,000 kg of vegetables regular.

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The temple additionally houses two imported dish clothes washers, two imported vegetable shaper machines, three vegetable and rice clothes washers, and a pounding flour online factory unit along living up to the tag of a self-feasible kitchen. The sanctuary likewise pursues the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) measures.

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